Based in Westerhope, Tyne and Wear, Monica Julian of Lotus Mind has worked as a Counsellor / Psychotherapist / Hypnotherapist for over twenty years. She believes the greatest therapeutic change occurs in individuals when they develop an understanding of why they feel and act the way they do. In possessing this understanding they are able to embrace change, improve their self-esteem and confidence. They then become able to change negative thought processing and behaviour and go on to live a much happier life and fulfil their own potential.

Lotus Mind offers Mindful Therapy, which does not rely upon revisiting the past as is the method offered by psychotherapists who work on the theory designed by Sigmund Freud. Trauma of past impacts upon individuals in the present. Mindful Therapy offers a way of helping individual move forward from pain and suffering by becoming aware of how the past effects them in the present moment. Mindfulness helps make the mind more flexible and balanced, improves concentration and helps us become more self aware and able to understand mental processes better. We become less reactive. Mindfulness works in simplistic terms by changing our attitude to the symptoms, rather than changing the symptoms themselves. It is often said that mindfulness involves moving the mind towards the symptoms, embracing and accepting it, rather than pushing it away and fighting it.

Benefits of Mindfulness – Summary:

  • Mindfulness improves our well-being, particularly in gaining a richer and more connected experience of life.
  • It makes our mind more alert, balanced, and reduces unhelpful thoughts.
  • It gives an overview of situations and aids a more flexible response.
  • Mindfulness helps alleviate pain and many mental conditions.
  • It changes out attitude to our symptoms, rather than the symptoms themselves.
  • Mindfulness can help us address the big question of life.